from by Triangle B.

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Just a simple day of a simple life
Became a bad sign for a spoony couple

Both of our bodies were complitely drown
In the wrath, grief and cruelty... Fuck!
And I'm still puzzled:

Why did you say
That I had to suffer
For my happiness?

This is insane.
You raze man to ground
Guided by you wish.

The door is broken down and
Beasts congested the room
To implement eerie plan.

We’re caught in fist rain.
I whispered sweet lie
To her tearful eyes
and pretended I’m ok.

“Hey, we’ll come though this somehow, I swear an oath to you.
We’ve built this for too long to leave it here, we can’t do this anew.
That’s not the reason to sow the seeds of discord.
Is this the last resort?
Is this the last resort?”

Her smashed head and cut off hair
Spoke for itself.
A ciggy scar you left on my cheek
Imprisoned me in a shell.

Divided we stand,
I hope you don't blame for all this hell.
We're caught in fist rain,
Umbrella won't help to avoid the bruises.
The skies turn to black,
it's too late to make the worthless excuses.
Feels like I'm disjoint
and have nobody to beg for help, help…

This moan will be never heard…

I apologize
For being the person that I am.
I put on the mask
To hide the feeling I keep within

After fist rain.


from Memoria, released October 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Triangle B. Moscow, Russia

Come in, stranger, listen to us, join us, we're glad to to see new wayfarer standing shoulder to shoulder next to us.

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