by Triangle B.

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released October 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Triangle B. Moscow, Russia

Come in, stranger, listen to us, join us, we're glad to to see new wayfarer standing shoulder to shoulder next to us.

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Track Name: Unhearable
You tried to be my agony.
My conscience says that you will pay.

My various thoughts're like dissonance notes.
What for and why?
The truth is mine.

It is unhearable,
Maybe i speak too quiet...
Don’t think so.

Now the pass off mode is turned on.

You're disgrace of your ancestors.
Always hated this kind of bastards.
They have dullness in their chests.
Don't you laugh, you think you're the best.

Hey you, dumb! Get out of my way!
My conscience says that you will pay.
Your words to me are like acid rain.
Don't you laugh, you're all the same.

If you'd become me
We'd hear each other then
Obstacles are overcome.
That's so plain
But paying the attention is not for the likes of you.

We're stuck and we can not escape to sort it out.

Please, distance me from this fucking place,
I said important phrase!
And shame on you.

Corrupted, distorted and twisted perception,
Can’t hear this important phrase.

Pass off
It makes me insane.
Pass off
You're all the same.
Track Name: Lynch Law
All that you say that I'm not alike.
But that's what I'm given.

Do you have some patience?
That's what is called to be human being.

Gibber is here.
Execute the sentence.

What a menagerie did I get into?

Hang him.
Drown him.
Beat him.
And bury him alive.

Hang him.
Drown him.
Beat him.
And bury him alive.

You've never thought
With your own head, manipulated dolls.
Manipulated dolls.

Thank you, lanient world,
For showing worst creatures born.
The worst creatures born.

I lean on broken reed
That you'll stop treating all alike,
All alike.

Isn't this evident
You can just dogmatize.

I’m condemned and doomed to be here.
Don’t pretend, your fingers are pointing at me.
I think it is time to withdraw.
That’s Lynch Law.

The verdict is

To save your skin
And keep your face
Brace yourself
And run away
Run away!
Track Name: Sell Our Souls
Around the life
To find
Not indifferent figure
The world
There is no notice
When you start slithering

In the pool of your own blood
Well being king nowadays is unforgiven
Conformation is wayout
Otherwise you'll keep on bleeding

Help is rudiment
Souls are turning stone
Those who tries to hide
They're trying to transform

Understood the meaning
Of the interaction
Grip the veil and show us
All the lies

It is so sudden
That you've just discovered
Every human soul
Has it's price

Sell our souls
And heads to put the coins in the stash
To reach your goals
And burn down mind into the ash
Sell our souls
Just be obsessed by mighty greed
And lose control
Track Name: Hyperempatia
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I hope we are here not to live in tension.

Drops of the anger, shivers of japes, all these percieved and left mark on my mind
Misery spreads devouring my lips, devouring my tongue and leaving me dumb.
Spit words you want despite what it mean, consequence won't come, this gonna get by.

Why handing out everything
Will lead to slap in face?
How can I sit silent,
While this is that unfair?

I feel
A hundredfold stronger!
Be kinder!

We live
In world where people
Refuse each other to feed their inner wolf.
In world where people
Prefer the ego to love of those who close.

No way, no way, no way, how could this be?
No way, no way, no way, how could this be?
No way, no way, no way, you coudn’t make me obey.
No way, no way, no way, I’ll never be your pray.
No way, no way, no way, you were to slave me.
No way, no way, no way, how could this be?
Track Name: AFR
Just a simple day of a simple life
Became a bad sign for a spoony couple

Both of our bodies were complitely drown
In the wrath, grief and cruelty... Fuck!
And I'm still puzzled:

Why did you say
That I had to suffer
For my happiness?

This is insane.
You raze man to ground
Guided by you wish.

The door is broken down and
Beasts congested the room
To implement eerie plan.

We’re caught in fist rain.
I whispered sweet lie
To her tearful eyes
and pretended I’m ok.

“Hey, we’ll come though this somehow, I swear an oath to you.
We’ve built this for too long to leave it here, we can’t do this anew.
That’s not the reason to sow the seeds of discord.
Is this the last resort?
Is this the last resort?”

Her smashed head and cut off hair
Spoke for itself.
A ciggy scar you left on my cheek
Imprisoned me in a shell.

Divided we stand,
I hope you don't blame for all this hell.
We're caught in fist rain,
Umbrella won't help to avoid the bruises.
The skies turn to black,
it's too late to make the worthless excuses.
Feels like I'm disjoint
and have nobody to beg for help, help…

This moan will be never heard…

I apologize
For being the person that I am.
I put on the mask
To hide the feeling I keep within

After fist rain.
Track Name: Royal Road
I don't know why do we have to strive for our stars
Wasting our lifes.
Death's drifting between us,
Hold me when I fall.

Hold out your hand,
Take pill.
Cure the soul from
What is real.
Take the pill!

I don't know what should I wait for from our proud gods,
We are pets in their hands.
Death's drifting between us,
Hold me when I'm just about to fall.

This feel of total devastation,
Omnipresent and all-absorbing.
Some of us go on fighting,
But some just let it take it's course.
A course against youself.
A course of permanent solution of temporary problems.
They choose of royal road.

Please don't blame us for what we have done,
This can not be all the time like

It's late to move things in my head they're moveless.
This place is marsh we're drowning in like effete newborns.
Destroy the temple of our dreams. No excuses!
We are the birds encaged in box and there is no escape.

No escape.

It's easy to stumple here.
Irresolute move we make. Lifes it takes.
Death's drifting between us,
Hold me when I'm just about to fall
And have no will to carry on.
Track Name: Ephemera
Shamming all the feelings, all that could be.
Is this a masqurade I haven't seen?
If yes - I'm done.

Best and closest friends have faded away.
Shoulder to shoulder is not the case.
Sordid lowdown trick is what you get
Instead of the loyalty you present.

This chases
Me as I'm cursed sinner,

Till what time
Am I going to be solitary?

I hope there is hammer to fix the fate,
There is no power to withstand.

So we're all here to be left
Does this make any sense?

I'm broken down but I will throw aside from my head the shit that you told me.
Dreaming, you was casted away and you have never been cared the issues possessed me.
Felling pain and suffering. Remember all your mistakes. I’ll never forgive you.
Panic! Your ego is netrilized

Ephemera friends
Won't give you helping hands

Sticking knife right in the back
Don't forget to smear it with poison,
Yeah, I know, that's my mistake,
And you're the monsters that've been chosen
By my stupid head and hand.
Stepping on the same rake again and again.